Most people who believe in God have a heart that shares His compassion.  They also have a sense of awe and reverence for What and Who He is.  But it isn’t just enough to have this in your mind and in your heart.  It must create in you a desire to act upon this knowledge and those feelings.  Jesus said that the heart is where things come from that identify what a man is or becomes.  He was speaking of things that defile, but the opposite is true, as well.  Those things that eventually result in our righteousness begin in our hearts.  Those responses are things spoken of by David in the 100th Psalm. 

David’s relationship with God led him to respond in several ways, the first being that he praised God by shouting joyfully.  He was thankful for the blessings showered on him by the Lord and he shouted praises to Him for it.  The second thing David says is serve the Lord with gladness.  The serving part isn’t that unknown.  Many people serve God and other causes.  Some serve out of sense of obligation and others for self promotion.  If not for that they wouldn’t serve.  But the true servant of God, one pleasing in His sight is the one serving with gladness.  One who is full of joy knowing that Jesus Christ served us first in going to the cross of Calvary. 

“Come to God”, David says in verse 2.  This invitation is extended to all.  Indeed this is God’s desire for all people.  He doesn’t want any to be lost.  Sadly though there are going to be those who will not accept His invitation.  Those that do however will follow up by entering into his presence with thanksgiving and praise vs.4, acknowledging that He is truly their Lord and creator; that He is good and filled with a lovingkindness that endures forever.  How do you respond to God?  I can’t answer that question for you but know that God is waiting for you to turn to him in your hearts, in your minds and with your actions.

Copyright © 2003, Nolan P. Rutter

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