I just don’t know what to do!  I love the Lord and I want to serve Him but I just don’t know what to do as a servant of God.  This is sometimes the sentiment expressed by people who struggle in their relationship with God.  Just how does He want me to serve Him?  We can get some idea from the actions of the prophet Elisha in 2 Kings 22.

The war against Israel was going poorly and the king of Aram was concerned that a traitor was in his midst, but was told otherwise that Elisha was the one who continually thwarted the king’s plans against Israel.  Because he was in the way, the king of Aram decided he would have to be “taken care of”.  After determining Elisha’s location, the king sent a large contingent to take Elisha, but were unable to when Elisha prayed that they would be struck blind.  Elisha then led the army of Arameans to Samaria where the king of Israel had gathered with his army.  They were then fed and released to return their own people.

In this much abbreviated rendering of 2 Kings, chapter 6, we can see several things that Elisha the servant of God did.  First of all, he spoke out in warning of peril to the King of Israel and his army about the location of the Aramean army.  We need to speak out against the dangers of sin against those who are unaware and thus are susceptible to is penalty.  Second, Elisha was retaliated against for his part in protecting Israel’s king and army.  We too should expect retaliation when speaking up and “endangering” those in the clutches of Satan.  He won’t sit idly by as people are won to Christ.  Each soul who accepts God is one less that Satan can claim on the Day of Judgment.    Next, as servants of God we need to rely on God for His protection.  Prayer is a powerful weapon and God is waiting to shield us from “our adversary, the devil.”  This shielding may not always be physical protection, but we can certainly count on Him for spiritual protection.  Lastly, we are to be His representatives.  The apostle Paul called himself and us, ambassadors for Christ.  To serve Him is to represent Him in our lives each day.  Do His will and share God’s desire with all that none be lost to Satan.  Do you still wonder how to serve as a child of God?  Read chapter 6 of 2 Kings and look at the example of Elisha.  PS:  Don’t overlook the act of mercy extended to the enemies of Israel.  Accepting God’s mercy makes an enemy His child.  Many have already.  Have you?

Copyright © 2003, Nolan P. Rutter

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