There is an anti-drug commercial for kids on TV that has the line, “What do you need?” and the kids respond in various ways.  In the 25th Psalm David expresses several things that could be identified as needs for him as well as for us.  Careful review of the first seven verses seems to indicate that he needed victory, confidence, guidance and instruction, and most of all forgiveness.  Since space limitations prevent me from addressing all these I would like to focus on confidence.

David says “None of those who wait for thee will be ashamed!”  This statement indicates the trust or confidence that David has in God.  This is the type of confidence that God looks at and is pleased with and we know that by remembering that David is described as a man after God’s own heart. 

So how do we know if we have that kind of confidence?  I believe this will help us understand.  Most of you have heard the term “con job” or “con man” and know somewhat what they represent.  What we need to realize is that their method of operation is to gain our “confidence” in them before they complete their goal.  We know from stories how people lose their life savings (some even take out loans) to these men by way of various schemes.  These men would not be successful were it not for one thing.  They must obtain the confidence and trust of the “mark.”  Once gained, the mark hands over everything to the con man, never to see him or their money again.

While God does not operate on these principles, He does want us to have confidence in Him, and I believe we need to, as well.  But alas, I fear that many Christians today would be more apt to give everything they have to someone bent on fleecing them than they would to the One who created them and loves them.  Demonstrate your confidence in God today by giving Him “everything”, begin with yourself first (2 Cor 8:5) and then with all that you have, whether it be your talents, time or worldly possessions.  After all, He provided them all to you. 

Copyright © 2003, Nolan P. Rutter

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