I find myself applauding (at least mentally) the actions of the legislature in Missouri, who recently sponsored legislation to require a 24 hour waiting period and counseling on the effects of abortions both physically and emotionally.  The Governor however vetoed the bill as expected and returned it to the state legislature.  In a vote to overturn the Governors veto the bill was passed and will become law at the end of September or beginning of October. 

I was listening to Jim Lawson, news reporter on the local radio station this morning covering the story on the veto overrides taking place in the state legislature.  The part of the report that particularly caught my attention was the protest at the statehouse by the group calling themselves “Pro-choice”.  Their concern, presumably, is that people are being preventing from being able to make a choice.  In truth they have made their choice, but are given an option to consider the ramifications of a decision that cannot be reversed.  Their right to choose is not being taken away. 

The names of organizations are supposed to give some indication what they represent.  There are times when names are somewhat vague and sometimes they are even intentionally misleading.  The true colors of the “Pro-Choice” movement are once again visible in a position that says “Pro-Death”.  Even the subtlety of their name cannot hide their true position.  If you name a skunk, Violet or Rose I think you’ll agree it will still smell bad because that is its nature.

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