Another Mother’s Day has come and gone and we have had opportunity to give honor to our mothers for their steadfast devotion to raising children as only they can… As I pondered this day and the message to present I could not help but think about two women identified by the apostle Paul and the affect their devotion had on the early church.  The women I refer to are Lois and Eunice and the passage is 2 Timothy 1:5 “For I am mindful of the sincere faith within you, which first dwelt in your grandmother Lois, and your mother Eunice, and I am sure that {it is} in you as well.” (NAS)

In Paul’s words he identifies what he sees in Timothy that is very important to the child of God, and that is a “sincere faith.”  Too many today are attempting to serve and worship God with a misunderstanding on what a sincere faith is.  It is a pure faith that erupts from the heart of the believer.  It is a faith that overwhelms the believer to the point that it drives every aspect of their behavior.  Can we see a “sincere faith”?  Apparently Paul saw it in Timothy.  Can people see it in you?  Do you have this “sincere faith” or is it something less?

The main point we need to see from this text is the source of Timothy’s faith.  Paul says that it was first in Timothy’s grandmother Lois.  God has decreed that parent pass on to child those things of importance in regard to God, and Paul says that this same faith Lois had was passed on to her daughter Eunice who in turn passed it on to Timothy.  Thank God for mothers who are Godly and bring up their children the in the nurture of the Lord. 

A noticeably absent member of Timothy’s family in respect to the faith was his father.  Paul’s words in Acts 16:1 seem to indicate that his father was not a believer nor had he any impact on the “sincere faith” in Timothy.  This is a condition that seems to continue into contemporary times.  We need more men and fathers to become more devoted to a “sincere faith”, but until that time let us continue to laud our mothers with the praise and honor due them as they pursue their noble task!

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