Last week we saw the observance of another Easter, celebrated in various ways by a number of people of various religious and non-religious backgrounds.  There have been a number of days in the history of mankind that have had special or memorable events to include Pearl Harbor, man’s initial visit to the moon or even the sixth day of creation in which man made his first appearance.  But for those of faith, there can be no greater day than that day nearly 2, 000 years ago when His tomb was discovered empty.

On that day several events can be seen and need to be remembered and/or acted upon as they relate to us today.  The first is to remember that Jesus’ resurrection was a miracle.  It was an occurrence that violated natural laws.  We know of other individual’s being raised from the dead but in Jesus, His resurrection was of a permanent nature.  Just like the one we, of faith, look forward to one day.  The second event was an instruction by the angel to the Mary’s who had come to the tomb.  They were told to go to the disciples to tell them that Jesus had arisen and that they should go and meet Him in Galilee.  While they were on their way another amazing things happened in that Jesus was manifested to them in person.  Don’t you know this must have made them fleet of foot as they hurried to tell the disciples?  They had seen Him themselves!  And then there was the plan to misinform the public in an effort to prevent them from knowing the truth.  When we look at contemporary times we see that some things never change.  Most importantly, is that the truth will eventually come out.  The last thing we see on that day is the mandate of Christ to go forth with the gospel to all nations.  I believe that this was not a one time directive of Christ in the final days He was with the disciples.  I think He reminded them regularly over those final forty days…

This was arguably the greatest day in the history of mankind!  That being the case what does it mean to you?  What changes in your life did this day cause you to make?  If you believe the events of that day really occurred are you a follower of Him who was raised, living daily for Him.  It is our prayer that you are and if you aren’t, won’t you consider becoming one of God’s children before it is too late!  Let us know if we can help in way to make that happen!

Copyright © 2004, Nolan P. Rutter

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