“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”   This quote has quite a history attached to it that is a study within itself but our focus is on the idea it directly presents.  One who has come to the conclusion of the non-existence of Satan will never question the validity of good and evil or right and wrong.  This makes Satan capable of operating behind the scenes fully capable of bringing about spiritual devastation to those blind to what is happening to them and to others.  Tragic, to say the least!

In the Gospel accounts of scripture we find recorded instances of a temptation that took place nearly 2000 years ago.  This encounter involved Jesus, the Messiah; the Christ; God’s own Son and His adversary Satan.  We would do well to review periodically Satan’s less than successful attempts to thwart God’s plan for redeeming man.  In so doing, we will be reminded that Satan is indeed very real.  A real threat to us and our salvation, and also that he has revealed to us the tactics he uses against us.

Just as Satan is Jesus’ adversary, so to is he an adversary to those who follow Him (1 Peter 5:8).  Do you sense an adversarial presence at times in your life?  Are there moments when you question whether something you are about to do or say should or shouldn’t be followed through with?  It is then that Satan may be using an opportunity to “accuse” you of not really loving God by being disobedient to Him or His Word.  It is at that time we must rely on the promises of God to strengthen us, to provide a way of escape, to overcome and to see the devil flee from us when we resist his efforts (James 4:7). 

If you find it hard to believe there is a devil, whose name is Satan, our adversary, trust God’s word.  He is real and his goal is to keep you from being with the God Who created you and loves you and wants you with Him forever.  Don’t believe the lies and deceptions of Satan, believe and trust only in God and His ways!

Copyright © 2005, Nolan P. Rutter

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