A recent Gallup poll indicated that 90 percent of Americans believe in God.  While surveys have a purpose they often do not tell the whole story.  This poll would seem to indicate that an overwhelming majority of America would be considered as God-fearing or having faith in God.  Now I come to a question that came to my attention recently and that is “How do you show your faithfulness?”  Now realize it doesn’t ask “how you should”, but “how do you”.  If you have never considered how your faith manifests itself it may be time for self-evaluation.

The book of James talks about the combination of faith and works and how they relate to one another.  “Faith without works is useless and cannot save…” (James 2:17, 20, 26)  He goes on to say that our faith is “perfected” or made complete “by our works”.  I believe what James is trying to tell us is that our firm conviction and belief in God and His promises to us will lead us to act in a certain way, and that is what is meant by demonstrating our faithfulness.  So, I ask again, how are you demonstrating your faithfulness, or belief in God?

In our study of scripture we can find much written by and about those of faith.  In fact many know or are familiar with Hebrews chapter 11.  This chapter deals almost exclusively with faith.  It defines what faith is, tells us that without it we cannot please God and it also gives us insight into men and women of faith and how they showed their faithfulness.  Do you want to know what faith looks like?  Read Hebrews, chapter 11 and ask yourself how you would respond in similar situations.  What would your faith direct you to do?

Short on faith?  Do as the disciples of Jesus did and ask for an increase in faith (Luke 17:5).  Seek to grow in this area.  In Jesus’ teachings in Matthew chapter 7, He said that he who seeks shall find, and he who asks shall receive and he who knocks shall have it opened to him.  Grow in your faith and the allow it to manifest itself in works worthy of a disciple “after the heart of God”.

Copyright © 2004, Nolan P. Rutter

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