Here we go again!  You’ve heard it said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same!”  First it was “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” in the mid 1980’s.  Then came “The DaVinci Code” a few years ago.  Now we have another “revelation” on what “really” happened in Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago!  Author Michael Baigent has a book release entitled “The Jesus Papers”, in which he proposes that Jesus did not die on the cross at Calvary.  His book suggests that to make the best of a bad situation, a deal was struck between Jesus, His disciples and Pontius Pilate.  This “conspiracy” involved allowing Jesus to be crucified but to have Him removed, revived and medically treated to the point of recovery.  He also claims to have seen documents that purportedly indicate that Jesus was alive in the year 45 AD, even though he could not read or interpret the documents.  While he admits he has no proof of these allegations, he fully subscribes to them as factual and expects us to, as well…

Friends, Satan will stop at nothing to bring down those who are striving to be faithful to our God and Father and His plan of redemption for those who would seek it.  This has been ongoing from the day Adam and Eve succumbed to his enticing in the Garden of Eden.  Throughout the history of God’s people we see continuous efforts to thwart their faithfulness including the introduction of different gospels as alluded to by the apostle Paul (Galatians 1:6 and 2 Corinthians 11:4).

Without the death of Christ on the cross, we are a people without hope.  Peter tells us “For Christ also died for sins once for all, {the} just for {the} unjust, in order that He might bring us to God…”  In His death we have been reconciled to God (2 Cor 5:18), the stain and guilt of sin cleansed by His atoning blood, through our obedient faith.  The apostle Paul wrote to the Galatian brethren that he was amazed they were deserting God for a different gospel.  That is what “The Jesus Papers” attempts to do; have us accept something contrary to God’s word. Don’t you believe it!  Your eternal home in heaven depends upon it!!

Copyright © 2006, Nolan P. Rutter

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