In our lesson this week I shared my increased awareness of priorities while serving in the USAF for nearly 21 years.  My hope and my prayer for those who heard those words, or you who read these now will truly understand how important prioritization is in our own lives, and how, in fact, they have eternal ramifications if not properly established and followed.

Both Old and New Testament writers, as they were inspired of God wrote that God is to have first place in our lives (cf. Deut 6:5-9 and Matt 4:10).  As Jesus was tempted in the wilderness by Satan He clearly stated the relationship we are to have with God.  Too many today are listening to the whispers of Satan to put other things before God, both in the areas of service and worship. 

Many of you today will recall a time not long ago when Sunday was not considered a “work day” with very few exceptions (i.e. police, fire, medical, etc.).  Today there are those who claim they can’t “put God first” by attending worship with fellow believers because of their work schedules.  We have fallen victim to the schemes of the evil one who seeks to divert our attention from the God who desires our hearts.  It isn’t only work that draws us away from assembling, to be encouraged, to encourage and to proclaim our devotion to God.  It can be family.  It can be recreation.  It can be anything at all that stakes its claim on your life that says “God can wait until another time”!  Don’t listen to that voice that is telling you that, because I assure you it is not from God.  In warfare, whether physical or spiritual, it isn’t the full frontal assaults we need to be aware of; it is the one that comes on you with subtlety.  After all, Satan brought the downfall of Man with a few short words.  “You shall surely not die.”  But we know that death did arise from their disobedience.  What are you risking to listen to that voice, still today?

Copyright © 2005, Nolan P. Rutter

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