Who is the teacher that stands out first and foremost in your mind?  No fair looking back at the title, but if you are like me, there are several names and faces that leap to mind from your past whether recent or distant.  Their impact on your life was/is measurable.  It was of such an impression that you have retained their memory, as well as what you feel was the greatest teaching that they presented.  Now let me mention another teacher and ask if He made your list.  In-arguably the greatest teacher to walk the face of the earth was God’s own Son, Jesus Christ.  Even today’s non-Christian religions acknowledge the greatness of Jesus’ teachings!  Jesus was, and is the Master Teacher…

In this week’s study we looked at how this can be proven from God’s word.  It may not occur to you but a great number of those encountering Jesus throughout the Gospel accounts looked upon Him as a teacher.  Among them were His disciples (of course), the rich young ruler (Mk 10:17), Nicodemus, Pharisee and ruler of the Jews (Jn 3:2), Mary, the sister of Martha (Lk 10:38ff), even the Pharisees, Scribes and Sadducees called Jesus teacher when addressing Him (Lk 20:27, Mk 12:19 & Jn 8).  Do you consider Him your teacher?  Was His name one of those who flooded to the forefront of your teacher memories? 

A survey of 3000 high school seniors provided a list of 4 characteristics that they believed were in their best teachers.  As you read these, ask yourself if they are traits that can be found in Jesus.  The first was a genuine concern and interest in students; second, requiring students to work (demanding active participation in their learning); third, we find the trait of treating students impartially and finally being enthusiastic about teaching.  Time and space prohibits expanding on these, but I’m sure you can see that each of these can be found in the life and ministry our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Do you consider Jesus your teacher?  Do you rely on His teachings rather than your own understanding to lead you through life?  I hope so, because He indeed has the “words of life”. 

Copyright © 2005, Nolan P. Rutter

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