No room for Jesus!  Is that what you think of when you read Luke’s account of the birth of Jesus?  I read it and see that an innkeeper tells a man and his expecting wife that the rooms are all taken.  The No Vacancy light would be flashing if he had one.  The one thing I don’t see is Joseph or Mary trying to explain that her baby is the long awaited for Messiah.  No declaration that the deliverer all were expecting to bring Israel back to her glory and greatness would soon be born.

What would have happened, do you suppose, had that message been presented?  Would someone have willingly given up their space to provide for the family of the Messiah?  Maybe, just maybe, they would have fought over who would be the honored one to sacrifice their accommodations so that their King would enter the world in better fashion!  We will never know, for God had a different message for us, one of humility and lowliness. 

What about our own lives with and without Jesus?  When a person is presented with the knowledge of Jesus, they have two options.  They can accept Him or reject Him, it’s their choice.  An acceptance of Jesus, however, will result in change while rejection leads to maintaining an unsaved condition!!!  When one honestly receives the Lord’s Christ they will respond out of faith and obedience to His word. (John 14:15)  That obedience isn’t restricted to any one aspect of our lives either.  We must allow Jesus to be present and active in our work environments, our learning environments, our home environments, and believe it or not even our environment of religious activities.  Too many today are separating Jesus’ affect on various activities while still professing Christianity.  It doesn’t work that way.  It’s all or nothing with Jesus in your life and I hope you have chosen Him for all your life!

Copyright © 2005, Nolan P. Rutter

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