We have all had a week in our lives that was filled with highs and lows, good times and bad.  In fact if we live long enough we may have a number of weeks like that.  As we reflected recently with the rest of the world on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I can’t help but look at it through the eyes of one His most loyal disciples.  As the events of the week closed, they did so with a darkness and pallor unknown before the death of Jesus.  The heart of Peter was surely heavy with grief and remorse over these events that seemed to have taken place so long ago, yet mere hours had passed.

The week had begun with a tremendous celebration upon the Master’s arrival in Jerusalem.  The crowds were amazing, lining His route with palm branches as He rode in on a donkey’s colt.  What an exhilarating time, immediately followed up by Jesus’ seemingly routine of clearing out the riff-raff from the temple.  Jesus, normally gentle and even tempered would not allow such disgrace the “His Father’s house”.  Though Peter had seen Him do this in the past it still got his adrenalin going.  And then there was the regular observance of the Passover, with the  exception of Jesus cleaning their feet, speaking of betrayal and denial, it was routine and truly a joyous occasion, soon to be overshadowed by the events following their prayer time at Gethsemane. 

Peter found it difficult to believe Judas had made a deal with the Chief Priests to deliver Jesus up to them.  He followed them, closely observing the events as they unfolded.  Little did he realize it until he heard the crow of the rooster what he had done when accused of being with Jesus.  The heart break was intense as he ran away and wept. 

The news of His death on the cross had kept him numb the next couple of days, but what sent him reeling was even stranger news.  His tomb was empty!!  News had reached him and he raced John to the tomb to see for himself.  It was true!!  He lives!!  Peter saw Him! Others saw Him!! Oh, it truly was a roller-coaster week!!!  God will overcome any and every obstacle in our way and will make the best of any situation!  Rejoice evermore!

Copyright © 2006, Nolan P. Rutter

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