Simply amazing!  That’s all I can say about the NFL Indianapolis Colts!  I have been a football fan for a number of years and each time a team takes a winning streak this far I can’t help but be impressed with their seeming invulnerability.  While we are impressed we also know that it cannot last, for at some time in the future the mighty will indeed fall.  The same can be said of our adversary, the devil.  We face his onslaught daily as he strives to steal us away from the God Who loved us enough to send His only Son to die, that we might live.  But friends I want to share a secret with you!  He can be beat!  Did you hear that?  You don’t have to fall to his attacks!

As we continue to study the life of Jesus, specifically the temptations He faced we can better understand the ways to face Satan and his attacks on us.  First and foremost we should seek to avoid those areas where temptations are most apt to rise up.  A good example would be if we are prone to drunkenness don’t go where it is sold or served or if attracted to someone you shouldn’t be, don’t place yourself in situations where you can falter.  This advice works no matter what your weakness to sin may be, avoid people and places where you may be attacked the strongest.  Another way to defeat Satan’s efforts to tempt you is to know the word of God.  Every effort of Satan toward Jesus was met with a scripture response.  Jesus knew what God’s word said and how it was to apply to His life.  We must do the same.  An individual without God’s word is indeed vulnerable to Satan’s schemes!  As simple as it may seem we can successfully defeat Satan’s attempts by resisting him. (James 4:7)  When we stand up to him he realizes we’re onto him and that he will not succeed in whatever his attempt is.  Unfortunately, when this occurs he backs off and regroups and devises a more deceitful scheme and begins his assault once more.  Because of that we must always be on guard and ever watchful for his return.  As long as we are following God, Satan will pursue us.

Don’t fall into the belief that we can’t be victorious over Satan!  Paul wrote to the church at Rome “If God is for us, who is against us? (Romans 8:31)  Remember with God’s help we can face anything!

Copyright © 2005, Nolan P. Rutter

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