I remember growing up watching friends and family members doing one thing or another and wishing I could do the same.  Even today I watch in admiration those able to play the guitar, wishing that I could too.  It looks so easy, but doing is another matter altogether.  Of the many things the disciples observed Jesus doing, the one thing that caught their eye and they desired most was to pray as He did.  We find this event along with Jesus’ response in Luke chapter 11 and included in His response He gave a pattern, taught a parable and made a promise to those who would listen and heed His words.

The Lords prayer we read of was probably never intended by Jesus to be “the Prayer” we were to memorize however there were elements within that should shape our own prayers to God.  First and foremost we are to acknowledge Him as “Father”, but in such as a way to reflect our reverence and awe of who and what He is… “Hallowed, be thy name…”  He wants to be our Father and provider in every way and Jesus says when we approach Him in prayer we ask for both physical and spiritual needs.  God is more than capable of meeting these needs.  In asking, we demonstrate a dependence on God rather than self, the relationship God desires between He and His children.

The parable and promise both deal with the idea of persisting.  We often approach God in prayer asking for something and expect it “right now” and if it doesn’t happen we decide God’s answer was “no”.  What God’s answer probably was “Ask again”, “How much do you desire what you seek”, “Is it worth the effort to ask one more time?”  When we give up we tell God that it wasn’t as important as we thought after all.    Every good and perfect gift comes from God and when we are in need, there is no one greater we can go to than our Heavenly Father.  Guitar playing, on the other hand, requires a little something whose absence cannot be overcome by persistence and it is called talent.  God bless you as you seek Him in prayer often…

Copyright © 2004, Nolan P. Rutter

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