The model for leadership that God desires for His children was our topic for the morning’s lesson. We have become increasingly caught up with the patterns used in the world of business and social organizations for the kind of leadership we adopt within the church. As a result, we tend to get wrapped up in the organizing and carrying out of plans, projects, etc. This presents an appearance of effectiveness and efficiency, but where is the relationship between God’s people, particularly between those leading and those following. We don’t have to look far in the Gospel accounts or apostolic writings to see that we are referred to as sheep and that those leading are shepherds. Two of God’s greatest leaders, Moses and David were shepherds and we have to believe that they led in a way patterned after the shepherd/sheep relationship. A leader in God’s church will “smell like sheep” because he is among them, nurturing them, tending to their needs, leading them by imitation of Jesus’ example as our “Chief Shepherd.” If we want to be effective in anything, we cannot fail, if we use designs given by God. This is true even in leading His people. Learn how to be a shepherd and lead God’s people, the way God desires, in a way that will bring our relationship to Him even closer!

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