A manipulation of emotions and events that covertly presents the message of accepting “the gay lifestyle,” the movie Brokeback Mountain will soon be showing in our community.  It has been touted highly in the press and given a substantial amount of advertising in preparation for its release.  At the recent Golden Globe Awards, this movie garnered four awards, including Best Dramatic Film and is considered to be a strong contender for several Oscars as well. 

While a movie such as this seems to qualify for excellence in a number of categories, the greatest is probably its subtle efforts to promote the gay and lesbian agenda.  This is not new to us, I realize, since we have been continually bombarded, for years, with this open and blatant disregard God’s word.  The Bible clearly states that those involved in homosexuality, among other things, will not enter the kingdom of heaven (1Cor 6:9).  It matters not what I think, or what you think, but what God thinks!

So then, what can I do about this?  By myself, not very much, but the least I can do is to share with you who read this, my concerns about the direction our country is headed.  I also write this because I believe we can at least have an affect on our own families and communities.  We must refuse to be influenced by the continued subtle introduction of this practice that we have faced in the past.  This means saying “no” to watching it either at the movies or on TV.  We especially need to guard our children from this as well.  An article in the October 3, 2005 issue of Time magazine reported an unprecedented number of younger people declaring their acceptance and practice of this sin. 

Friends and neighbors, we have claimed to be a “God-fearing” nation, yet we have the audacity to allow that which is an abomination to our God to be openly proclaimed and practiced.  I fear what we could be facing in the not-too-distant future, not just in our society, but in the churches that claim to serve the God Who has a clearly stated position.  Now that homosexuality has now been accepted in certain religious groups, how long do you think it will be before the courts and laws of this land will force its acceptance into all religious organizations?  Are you willing to let that happen?  It is time for us to wake up and take a stand where God’s word is our standard.  If we believe what the Word of God says, we certainly must be heard.  Let’s no longer support nor accept something God does not!  I only hope it isn’t too late!

Copyright © 2006, Nolan P. Rutter

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