I received an email last week concerning the consequences of abortion and failed abortions.  The article was an extremely moving one and provided the impetus for this week’s lesson.  Abortion has been a “hot potato” topic for many the last 35 + years and will continue to be so until people realize that this is an abomination in the sight of God.  What has that to do with us, you ask?  We need to understand why this is an abomination and then allow ourselves to be moved by our convictions to action.  James tells us that our faith will be clearly observed by our actions and trusting God’s word in this will have tell-tale signs.

There are several things that are not considered by those looking at abortion as an option.  The first is that life is a gift of God.  He created life and continues to do so each time a baby is conceived.  Those doctors and scientists working in areas of cloning aren’t creating life.  They are simply manipulating the elements God has given that generate life. 

Because God has given life He has the authority to take it.  In scripture He has given us guidance for the taking of life, including for food and for justice (Genesis 9:1-6).  Any taking of life outside scriptural parameters simply does not please God and will make us accountable, especially in the shedding of innocent blood (Proverbs 6:17b).

Life, as a gift of God is precious.  This is evidenced by the amount of “fight” in us to preserve it.  We see many examples of those who refuse to give up during injury or illness to recover the life they hold dear.  In the example of Abraham following God’s command to offer his son Isaac, we know that God stopped the sacrifice just prior to the fatal stroke of the knife.  Isaac’s life was precious, not only to Abraham, but also to the One who gave it.  Let us not forget another aspect of a precious life that all Christians know and understand.  Eternal life with God was given by God through the death of His Son on Calvary’s cross.  How precious should that be to us? 

Friends, we need to act on our beliefs in this area where we can; support pro-life, with your vote, with your money, with your time and with your whole being.  This abomination must end!

Copyright © 2004, Nolan P. Rutter

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