Movie-goers today will almost assuredly recognize the name of ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’.  If you don’t, he is the main character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  In the newest chapter of Jack’s adventures, he is quoted as saying, “Of all the things that you can do, what will you do?”  In other words, there are a number of options we can take but there is a limit to what we are willing to do.  So, what will you do?  With regard to spiritual matters, what are you willing to do?

As we investigate the idea of willingness, let us turn to our Heavenly Father’s willingness.  His willingness stretches beyond our comprehension.  He was willing to give us His only begotten Son.  He was willing stand by while an assortment of injustices and atrocities were perpetrated on His only begotten son.  As the Son of God, He was willing to become one of His creations.  He was willing to experience life as only we can, the pleasant as well as the unpleasant.  He was willing to do everything necessary to “seek and save that which is lost.”  This included teaching the truth that was unpopular with the religious leaders of His day; it included a willingness to meet the needs of those he encountered daily, including the hungry, demon possessed, ill and disease ridden.  In so doing He also demonstrated that “God was with Him.”  Above all, He was willing to go to the cross of Calvary, laying down His life for us, while “we were yet helpless”, atoning for the sins in our lives.

Now it’s time to get a bit personal.  There are a number of thing we are called to do, but what are you willing to do?  Are you willing to follow in His steps, by the example He set for us (1 Peter 2:21)?  Are you willing to deny yourself, pick up your cross daily and follow Him?  If you’re willing to wear the name Christian, you must also be willing to live up to what it means.  A Christian adheres, holds to, and follows the teaching of Jesus.  Are you willing to serve, sacrifice, love and care for others like Jesus?  Just what exactly, are you willing to do?  I hope that you’re willing to follow the primary mission of Jesus in seeking and saving that which is lost!

Copyright © 2007, Nolan P. Rutter

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