To believe in someone is to be wholeheartedly accepting and having great confidence in them.  Without being too political, there are those who today would say they believe in “the Presidency”, but do not trust nor believe “the President”.  This is not a unique situation.  Take for instance the words of R. C. Sproul, “The issue of faith is not so much whether we believe in God, but whether we believe the God we believe in…”  There are those striving to walk a life of faithfulness, with little good because they do not believe what He has said.  Ask yourself, do you believe the God you believe in?  Do you accept or question His will, His desires, His word?  Do you simply go about life without regard to His direction, or do you allow Him to lead your life by His word?

The Hebrew writer tells us of the imperative of faith, or belief, by this statement, “Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.”(Hebrews 11:6)  What you believe is often revealed in your actions.  A prayer offered up, by a believer, for much needed rain, would be followed by that individual carrying around an umbrella, wouldn’t you think?

What of the promises of God?  Do you believe them?  One needs only to “learn from the things written in earlier times for our learning” (Rom 15:4) to see what God has said He would do and then His response.  Do you believe our sins and transgressions alienate us from God?  What do your actions indicate your belief is?  Do you believe the son of God died on the cross of Calvary, an innocent and perfect sacrifice in payment for our sins?  Examining your actions, would you say that you believe God’s promise to provide this for us?  What about His promise to prepare a home for us and to return to bring us to be with Him for all eternity?  How does your belief on this cause you to respond?  How do your actions reveal your belief that God loves you?  Those who believe the God they believe in are found following His desires, not their own, His will, not theirs, as well as His word.  Do you believe the One in whom you believe?

Copyright © 2007, Nolan P. Rutter

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