In the New Testament we find a number of relational directives for Christians.  You might be asking, what do you mean by this?  I mean that there are commands given to God’s children that govern the way we are to relate to one another.  They are commonly called one another commands.  You see, God is interested not only in the relationship we have with Him, but also with those we have with one another.  This is obvious in a number of places especially with the Apostle Paul’s exhortation to the church at Corinth to not be divided, or quarrelsome with one another. 

As we begin to examine these “one another commands”, let us begin with the most basic of all.  John 13:34 tells us to love one another.  The word love being used here is a word that denotes elevating another’s needs above our own; to care more about others than we do about ourselves.  There are times in our lives when we are forced to evaluate our actions and this is one of them.  Am I obeying Jesus’ command to put the needs of others above my own?  Do I love them “as Jesus loved us”?  This is precisely what Jesus speaks of in this text to His disciples.  As His disciples today, the command is still in effect.  It has not been suspended, cancelled or revised by anyone… Love One Another As I Have Loved You.

There’s another interesting aspect of this command.  Jesus tells us that by imitating the love that He has, it will be perfectly clear what we are to those who observe us.  Jesus stated they will know that you are my disciples, IF, you have love for one another.  Not any type of love of our choosing, but rather His choosing and His choice is the type of love He has toward others.  A tall order?  You bet!  Impossible?  No, not with God, for with Him all things are possible!  Do you remember the last time you “knew” someone was a disciple of Jesus, because of their love?   If we trust Him implicitly, He will help us to love as disciples He has called us to be.

Copyright © 2007, Nolan P. Rutter

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