How do you view life?  With few exceptions, I believe most hold it in high regard.  I have the privilege of working closely with a pregnancy crisis center in our small community and our vision is focused on preservation of life, both physical and spiritual.  As our congregational study considers the call to grow the church through evangelism, I can’t help but believe our zeal can be heightened if we understand better the fundamentals of life.

First and foremost of these fundamentals is the realization that life is a gift of God.  Of all the gifts we can give or receive, life cannot be given apart from God.  In the beginning of creation (Genesis 2:7), God breathed life into man and since then the gift has been granted to generation after generation.  Since God alone grants life, it stands to reason that He alone has the right to rescind it.  We have example after example in His Holy Word when life is to be forfeit, each based on a failure to meet the mark God has set for His people.  Thanks be to God, the mark to meet now is having faith in His Son, Jesus!  Another fundamental of life is its brevity and uncertainty.  We have a limited number of days here on earth and when they shall end we know not.  We are all aware of instances where lives have been cut seemingly short by accidents, disease and other tragic means.  Fortunately, we have access to life more abundantly through Jesus; with a hope that is in Him, eternal life that is available to those willing to come to Him, and finally demonstrating in our baptism a likeness of our own “death, burial and resurrection” (Romans 6:4-5). 

I have said all this to increase our desire to share a message of great importance to the one who knows not Jesus.  Their spiritual life depends upon it!  This life is possible only if change will occur, bringing one to know the truth, and coming to their senses, escape from the trap Satan has them in (2 Timothy 2:24-26).  Make this life as much a priority to you as it is to our all-powerful, loving and heavenly God and Father…

Copyright © 2009, Nolan P. Rutter

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