You have to admit it, Jesus had a way of getting a message across to those He addressed and it often was tempered for the circumstances.  Let’s consider the text of Luke chapter 10, verses 38 through the end of the chapter.  Jesus finds Himself in the home of Martha and due to the status of her guest, she immediately busies herself in preparations worthy of Him.  Soon after beginning these preparations, she realizes that her sister Mary is not helping, in fact all she does is sit with Jesus, listening to Him.  Having had enough, Martha approaches Jesus complaining about Mary’s neglect, wanting Jesus to tell her to help with preparing necessities for Him.  Jesus simply tells her that Mary has chosen the “good part” and that Martha has gotten caught up in distractions of life.

I’m reminded of something Jesus told His disciples in Mark 10:45, “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…”  Is this what was going on in the home of Martha?  Was she allowing Jesus to complete His role as servant or was she forcing her view of His role upon Him?  This type of event occurred one other time in Jesus’ ministry.  Peter impetuously tells Jesus that he will not allow Him to suffer at the hands of the chief priests and scribes, or even to die.  Jesus made it very clear to Peter that his interests were not consistent with those of God, but rather that of man.  He was taking Jesus out of His role as servant, much like we see at the house of Martha and Mary.  Jesus rebuked Peter severely even called him Satan, yet his response to Martha was much more gentle.

Are you taking Jesus out of His role?  You are if you busy yourself with distractions and fail to choose the good thing that Mary had chosen?  What did she do?  She put herself in the best place for her, at the feet of Jesus, seeking to know Him and His ways.  How often do you spend time at the feet of Jesus?  How much time is spent learning His ways?   In His own words, Jesus explains His role to “seek and to save that which is lost.”  That’s you and me.  Are we letting Him fulfill His role for us?  

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