Ask ten people what verse of scripture they believe could have the most impact on a non-believer and you’re likely to get ten different responses.  There’s nothing wrong with that since every passage of scripture is a wealth of information on what Jesus calls ‘life more abundantly’.  Perhaps you’ve had a passage jump into mind as you have been reading this.  I hope so.  I submit to you for consideration a passage that came to me recently… John 6:68 records Peter telling Jesus, “Lord, to whom shall we go?  You have the words of eternal life.”  This response was due to Jesus’ question about whether His closest disciples would leave along with many other disciples who had.  Without a doubt this is a statement of profound faith and in his place, would we be as bold and confident?

As we examine Peter’s statement, the first thing we notice is his choice is to remain with Jesus.  A quick mental review of scripture brings to mind others who were called to choose.  There’s Joshua’s call to choose (Joshua 24:15) and his declaration that he and his family would serve the Lord.  Elijah called on Israel to choose between the Lord God and Baal (1 Kings 18:21ff.) and then went on to demonstrate the authenticity and power of God in a faithful offering of a sacrifice.  In Luke 10:40 and following, we see the choice of a sister that put her at the feet of Jesus while the other’s concern was for attending the needs of her guest.  When questioned by Martha, Jesus tells her that her sister has chosen the ‘good part’.  How are you choosing? 

What is garnered by a wise choice?  Peter knows, and tells us it is what Jesus has to offer, the words of eternal life!  Many come to Jesus seeking a variety of things including improved lives through healing of infirmities, an opportunity to hear authoritative teaching and on at least one occasion one came seeking to know what good thing he might do to inherit eternal life.  Jesus’ response to him was not received with the same dedication of Peter, but the choice was his.  I would encourage you to seek the company of Jesus through His word, knowing fully He gives eternal life!

Copyright © 2010, Nolan P. Rutter

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