To some, the Bible is simply a series of stories written by men with the purpose of improving our lives.  While this is the desired outcome, the source of these writings is more accurately attributed to God (2 Tim 3:16).  The view to which you subscribe will determine your response to the admonitions found in Deuteronomy 6.  The text clearly indicates the existence and mandate of God to Moses that was to be passed on to the children of Israel.  There are seven specific actions called for by God.  They are:  LISTEN; BE CAREFUL TO DO; PUT THEM IN YOUR HEART; TEACH THEM; TALK OF THEM; BIND THEM; and WRITE THEM.  If these are followed, the blessings of God would be overwhelming.  Let’s look at a few in the space we have available

In this mandate, the initial steps involved listening and being careful to do that which was heard, particularly with the commands of God.  This ideal is found in a number of places in scripture including the Transfiguration in which God Himself declared that His Son Jesus is to be listened to over Moses and the prophets (Mark 9:5-7) and in Jesus’ words that remind us that only those who DO the will of God will enter heaven (Matt 7:21).    The next point made by God through Moses was for them to put “these” words on their hearts.  The specific words referred to can either be the Law they had received or what Jesus identified as the greatest command in loving God with all their heart, soul, and might.  David understood this when he said, “Thy word I have hid in my HEART that I might not sin against thee” (Ps 119:11).  An easily understood, yet often neglected, principle comes next in that they are to teach them to their children…  Talk about them often, even constantly…  We have no trouble talking, but what is it we focus our conversation on?  The weather?  Sports?  Our jobs?  Perhaps it would be beneficial to us and to others to talk more of God’s commands, His desires; binding them within us making them inseparable from us.  And finally, write them in visible, high traffic areas.  Many homes today have passages of scripture incorporated in knick knacks and pictures on the walls.  These serve as continual reminders to us about our Great and Wonderful God!!  Today, as we see more trials and tribulations occurring in our country, ask yourself, could it be due to our neglect of this principle in God’s Word?

Copyright © 2010, Nolan P. Rutter – Adapted from outline from Jerry Carmichael

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