A new year, a new life, both a result of a gracious and loving God!  What do you plan to do with your new year?  It is common for us to take this time of year to reflect on the past, evaluating the good and the ‘not so good’ events of the previous year.  Normally, at this time aspirations and goals are set with high hopes for the coming year.  In addition to setting aside bad habits or improving to a healthier lifestyle, why not also consider seeking the “ideal” Christian life?  After all, there is no better life!  What does this life look like, you ask?  Let’s look!  

First and foremost the life of a Christian is that of holiness.  In 1 Peter 1:16, we are reminded of Leviticus chapters 11 & 19 where God told Israel “…be holy for I am holy.”  The Greek word translated holy means “separated to God.”  When we are separated to God we will abstain from every form of evil (1Thess 5:22) which means all that is opposed to good will be shunned in a Christians life.  Are you involved in anything that is opposed to good or by God?

Another trait found in the life of a Christian is active involvement in prayer… as exhorted to by Paul in 1Thess 5:17 when he tells us to “pray without ceasing.”  This activity is our single lifeline to God.  It is a declaration to God our dependence on Him and an opportunity to express our thanks, our concerns and our appeals.  Are you “in tune” to God in your life? 

The trait of faith is also found in the Christian life.  We have scriptural evidence of people of faith in Hebrews, chapter eleven, but if we will only look at those around us we can find contemporaries living lives of faith.  The goal for us is to live in such a way to have others see in us the pattern of faithful living 

One last area we need to visit is a life of service.  Scripture clearly shows that service is called for to God (cf. Matthew 4:10) and to man (cf. Galatians 5:13) and a Christian life is devoted to serving each.  In reality, serving man is serving God, according to Jesus in Matthew 25.  Jesus said that by feeding, giving drink to, clothing and visiting even the least of His brothers it was done to Him.  Do you see it? Serving God and man simultaneously!  These things are the makings of a Christian life, the best life of all.  Put this on your list of aspirations for 2011.

Copyright © 2011, Nolan P. Rutter

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