It was simply inspiring!  A video link in an email I received this past week shows the impact of a bible reading program on a 9-year old boy name Davis in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.  This young man, in the span of eight and a half minutes did what I consider equivalent in some ways to that which was done by Stephen in Acts 7.  Stephen had been accused of speaking against the Law and as a result gave a brief lesson on the Law’s inception and purpose.  In the case of Davis, he simply wanted to share what he had learned in his reading through the Bible in a year.  He shared his knowledge of the basic elements of each of the dispensations that God has used to deal with mankind.  He expounded on a great number of major biblical events to include the fall of man, the destruction by flood, the exodus of Israel from Egypt, establishment of kings over Israel (both good and evil), the split of the nation of Israel, the coming of the Christ, His ministry, His death and His resurrection.  He closed out by covering the growth of the church by the apostles, including one ‘untimely born’, Paul of Tarsus.  In his closing remarks he tells of the value of the entirety of scripture and its effect on our overall understanding.  How we see the ‘big picture’ of God’s love, mercy and compassion in all aspects in dealing with man.  Davis gives us confidence that the future of God’s church is in good hands!  See it for yourself at YouTube, Nine Year Old Recaps the Bible.

Now, that’s how one young man values, appreciates and understands the word, but how would we do, if given the opportunity to share with others our knowledge of God’s word?  Could we pass on the basic fundamentals of scripture to those in need of hearing the Gospel?  If an individual’s soul hangs in the balance and you are the only “Bible” they will ever “hear” could you provide the message of hope to the degree that they could decide for themselves whether or not to follow God?   If not, do you have the zeal, the love, to encourage them to go to one who could tell them?   Give an ear to Davis on YouTube, it’ll change the way you think about your bible reading habits!

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