We are approaching yet another observation of Thanksgiving along with an opportunity to reflect and share with one another what it is we are thankful for.  I submit to you that the Thanksgiving of 2012 is a far cry from any of those in our history, from the grateful pilgrims who initiated this observance or even those of the time of President Lincoln who made the first proclamation to make this a national holiday… and yet we’ve always had things to be thankful for in this, the greatest nation in the world, even during the most difficult of times.  Permit me to inquire, “What are you thankful for this year?” 

Scripture teaches us in a number of places to be thankful.  On one occasion a thankful leper prostrated himself before Jesus after he and nine others had been cleansed of their debilitating condition.  This man returned to the one who was responsible for his healing because he was thankful to Jesus and in doing so he set for us an appropriate example.  Jesus is one we can be thankful for in many ways, including being thankful for His words…  Let’s review just a few ways beginning with the way He spoke those words… as one with authority.  All others teaching God’s precepts do so by referring to His authority, but Jesus’ “I say to you” statements make it clear that He was the one declaring the edicts…  This is consistent with His statement to the disciples after His resurrection that ‘all authority has been given to me, both on earth and in heaven’ (Mt 28:18).  He also clearly credits His words as those of His Father and not His own, making them heaven-sent (Jn 12:50).

I am thankful His Words will endure forever… (Mk 13:31)  There is no danger that His message will disappear or ever change…

I am thankful His are the words of eternal life… (Jn 6:68)  Everyone desires life eternal, now we know who to turn to for it…

I am thankful His word will be what judges us… (Jn 12:48)  No more do I have to ‘wonder’ by what measure I am to live by, both here in this world and so too in the world to come…

Are you looking for something special to be thankful for this year?  Perhaps it’s time to be more thankful for the words of Jesus and for the many blessings we can experience through them!

Copyright © 2012, Nolan P. Rutter

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