I believe the conversation of judging that is so prevalent today is terribly misguided.  In reading today’s scheduled passages we find in Mark 6:18 “For John had been saying to Herod, ‘It is not lawful for you to have your brother’s wife.’” (NASU)  If we were to ask individuals if John the Baptist was a man of God and was conducting his life consistent with God’s word and His will, we would likely hear that he was.  In fact, many today are attendees of a particular denomination claiming affiliation with this man.  Now let’s look at what he did in this passage.  He spoke out against the relationship King Herod was in with Herodias, the wife of Philip, his brother.  John clearly stated that it was not lawful (approved of God) to have her as his wife.  Was he judging?  I say yes, in that using God’s word he discerned that this was unacceptable behavior (sin), but he certainly did not judge (condemn personally) with respect to Herod’s eternal punishment, for that is God’s place to determine.  I believe this to be consistent with the Word of God.  Yet today, when behavior is identified as blatantly out of step with God’s Word, we are accused of being judgmental, when in reality it is more likely an effort to make individuals aware of activity that may be in ignorance to God’s standard.  If we stand by without a word of warning or admonition we become guilty of failing to comply with other passages that tell us to intervene.  After all, if we truly love one another, won’t we respond when it is apparent that an individual is foundering in sin?  This is but one passage that refutes the notion that it is right to ignore people’s sin.  “He with ears to hear let him hear…”    God bless!

Copyright © 2014, Nolan P. Rutter (Inspired by notes of K. Carmichael)

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