Jesus on Forgiveness

Those seeking a relationship with God have an understanding of the role of forgiveness in that process. But is scriptural in regard to the whole counsel of God, or is what is popular with the world?

Choices of Abram and Lot

We will make countless choices in life and today we want to look at two Old Testament men and their choices and consequences…

If God is Our Father…

In keeping with the day’s designation I want to bring attention to a father-figure we do well to honor everyday!

Be The New Testament Church

Can we practice New Testament Christianity? Many say no and some have been known to question whether or not we should even try. Does this meet with God’s approval? Has He allowed man to determine the means of worship at any time in history? Scriptures indicate no…

Oppression is Sin

How should we treat one another? The answer is simple enough for our children to understand, yet in our world the ‘adults’ cannot seem to grasp it. In the eyes of God, to oppress anyone goes against His will for mankind.